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January 24 2016


Cleaning a Drain System to Restore Peak Efficiency

Even while most plumbing systems will provide years of service without trouble, problems can eventually crop up over time. On the supply side of a plumbing system, issues with valves are probably most frequently encountered, as these moving parts are prone to wear that can eventually make them inoperable and ineffective.

On the waste side of a system, clogs and manhole hooks blockages tend to become more frequent as time goes on. Although it is often a particularly stubborn object or accumulation that puts an end to the free flow of waste, long-term buildup of a less acute kind is quite frequently what ultimately allows this to happen. As a plumbing system becomes increasingly prone to problems of this kind, it can make sense to have it cleaned out to alleviate the underlying issue, instead of chasing after symptoms.

Modern sewer cleaning equipment often makes it easy and affordable to do so, as well. There are a number of common approaches to cleaning out drains and sewer lines, but one of the most effective is the use of equipment that relies on high-pressure water to do the necessary work. Often known by names like "hydro-jetter" and similar ones, drain cleaning equipment of this kind can do an excellent job of scouring away sewer-pipe accumulations that could otherwise contribute to clogging.
manhole hooks

A sewer cleaning equipment system of this kind will rely on some fairly simple seeming principles, putting them to good use for a common need. At the heart of such a system will be a powerful pump that is typically capable of generating hundreds of pounds of pressure per square inch, with this level of output often being adjustable.

Most such systems will also be equipped with spools for storing flexible hose, with many including hundreds of feet of reach. This will allow the pump's power to be directed into any convenient opening into the drainage system, making it much easier to ensure that every affected stretch of pipe receives the attention it needs.

Equipped with this kind of setup, an experienced plumbing professional can restore a system's interior to like-new status within hours or less. Although it can take some time to ensure that every last bit of accumulation is removed, the work itself will normally be fairly routine. The use of pressurized water instead of physical implements also cuts down greatly on the risk of damage, making it much less likely that this well-intentioned attempt to maintain a system will produce undesirable and potentially costly side effects.
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